Whisk you were here?

15 September 2011 -

Whisky Mist’s newest offering in the vibrant city of Beirut features an impressive lighting scheme

ACSP Whisky Mist Beirut

When AC Special Projects was approached by lighting design consultants Light Technica to help realise its vision for Whisky Mist, Beirut, the specialist lighting company produced LED and effects lighting, plus a custom integrated control system. In addition to providing detailed drawings, renderings and schematics, ACSP ensured comprehensive technical support.

The high-profile bar needed to evoke glamour and sophistication, and lighting was an integral part of this. In particular, the ceiling feature was used to bring a dynamic selection of movement effects to the scene, and this was accomplished using Colour Web 250 fed with low resolution video effects and graphics, which can be easily edited via a DMX controller. Running alongside the Colour Web 250, 40 Chroma-Q LED sources created a strobing effect.

The sophisticated ambience was enhanced using RGB LED strip behind frosted glass to subtly illuminate the back of the fixed seating areas. This strip was then also applied to the different level of the club and around the bottom sections of the banquette seating. For the VIP area, GLP Volkslicht 60 zoom LED moving lights were fixed so that they washed up the walls and onto the ceiling to provide an intimate atmosphere.

Such sophisticated lighting needed to have controls integrated at one central point, and ACSP specified a Martin LightJockey 2 system for the strobes, linear LEDs and Volkslichts, while the Colour Web is run from a Madrix media control system. This enables the ability for a range of moods, including liquid wallpaper of bubbles or stars. ACSP interfaced the LightJockey and Madrix controllers together. A Pulsar 1-10V universal interface was specified for the white light sources around the bar and entrances.

The lighting fit out included over 100 sq m of Chroma-Q Color Web 250 LED panels,  Chroma-Q LED strobes, 165 linear metres of RGB LED strip and 90 linear metres of warm white LED strip.

Commenting on the project, project manager at AC Special Projects, Lance Bromhead said: ‘It is very pleasing to see the potential of lighting aesthetics taken so seriously in creating a great environment. We are very proud to have been involved and to have assisted Light Technica in delivering a truly spectacular lighting scheme.’


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