Lewisham Shopping Centre

17 October 2011 -

RGB Colour Changing Lightwall.

When asked, NES jumped at the opportunity of creating an eye-catching entrance way to the Lewisham Shopping Centre revamp.  The result is a stunning high impact colour changing lightwall over 40 meters in length!

The 128 Lightpanels are individually controlled with mini DMX cards and pre-programmed to smoothly run through 4 sequences.

The Lightpanels were installed into black metallic folded ACM wall cladding panels, which included a “Welcome to Lewisham” sign illuminated with 24V White LED panels.  NES combined Alucobond wall cladding and flat panel RGB lighting technology to create this striking feature.

This particular type of system is designed to provide a very low maintenance solution, which architects and clients alike are eager to obtain.

NES continue to be market-leaders in their industry by investing heavily in the research and development of flat panel lighting technology.

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