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7 November 2011 -

Modern lighting can make a major contribution to energy saving and hence carbon reduction targets.

Major technology developments in the last few years have resulted in significant improvements in energy use for lighting.  Reductions of over 40% can be regularly achieved when compared to existing lighting. These developments include:

•           Innovations in fluorescent lights

•           Improved drive electronics resulting in more efficient power use

•           Introduction of LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes)

•           Modern space controllers, for example dimming lights when nobody is in a room

These innovations must be used appropriately so that light levels are correct for the users – both brightness and colour temperature, along with maintaining the right levels of safety.

Different solutions are appropriate for different applications.  Our many years of experience in the lighting industry and providing lighting solutions for the public sector, means we are exceptionally well qualified to provide expert advice on getting the right result for each individual location.

Case study – Hitchin public library

The public area lighting in Hitchin library had been in place for many years and was a significant consumer of electricity.  Much of the existing fluorescent lighting was replaced by using a Fluorel retrofit lighting system.  This is designed to fit into existing light fittings and utilise the existing wiring resulting in a faster, lower cost solution.

The installation is expected to achieve 40% energy savings with a payback period under 4 years.

A further benefit is that the lighting is improved with modern daylight lamps providing a brighter and fresher working environment.

The project consultants said, “The retrofit route made the project work with the required payback period.  The client is very pleased with the result.”


About Fluorel Lighting

Fluorel Lighting is a leading supplier of innovative energy-efficient lighting systems.

We are the supplier of choice for many public sector organisations including local authorities, education and health sectors; plus office and retail premises.  We supply both new lighting systems and ones to retrofit to previous installations.


Based in London, we have over 50 years’ experience and provide UK-wide coverage.  We are regularly approached for expert advice and help for organisations needing to save money with energy efficient lighting.


Contact Fluorel to discuss how modern lighting can contribute to your carbon reduction targets and improve the working environment.


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