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13 January 2012 -

Located in La Coruña, a north-west pocket of Spain is the Abica wine bar – an authentic space to enjoy a glass of vino and witness the latest in LED technology in use

Part of the Hostelea Group franchise of Galician wineries, when Abica opened its doors it wanted to offer its visitors something different, something special. As well as hosting a plethora of Galician wines for the public to enjoy, it was important for an experience to be established, one which would attract customers and provide a platform to showcase regional foods and art in a sophisticated, yet relaxed setting.

What’s more as the design concept was to become a blueprint for The Hostelea Group’s future establishments, it needed to incorporate easy to maintain, energy efficient measures

Megaman was called on to establish an energy efficient and low-maintenance lighting concept, not to the detriment of the sophisticated ambience the franchisee longed to create. To establish the notion, Antón Sáez Pérez, manager at Abica, worked closely with Miguel Pérez of Megaman to ensure a scheme with optimum energy and maintenance savings.

Pérez explains: ‘We wanted to choose a design that not only looked good but which, as a franchise template, was sustainable and could be replicated easily. By choosing to light the space with spot-lit areas within the restaurant, tapas and delicatessen areas, we have been able to communicate a sophisticated, yet relaxed mood to our Galician winery experience.’

Collectively, the pair decided the best option would be to use lamps from Megaman’s LED Reflector series, including 140 of the company’s LED AR111 15W GU10 range and 20 of Megaman’s LED PAR16 7W light sources.

The Reflector series is an authentic eco-replacement lighting solution for traditional halogen, metal halide and incandescent applications, and is the driving force behind Megaman’s product development. Unlike many LED lamp manufacturers, the company uses reflectors instead of lens technology within its products to offer efficient LED lighting solutions. As the LED reflector lamps mimic the design of traditional light sources, they deliver excellent distribution of light and provide great energy saving when compared with conventional lamps of the same output.

The implementation of the lighting scheme has seen Abica achieve significant energy and cost efficiencies, compared with the traditional halogen reflectors the lamps replaced.  These cost savings equate to £27,404 and 95.25tons of CO2 over the lifetime of the lamps.

In addition to these significant cost savings per outlet, Abica has also been very pleased with the light performance and life-span of the lamps. Both Megaman’s LED AR111 range and the LED PAR16 7W light sources bring together the energy efficient benefits of LED lamps and advanced reflector technology. What’s more, the performance of the LED AR111 range combines the ultimate in directional display lighting and energy efficiency with long lamp life; the LED AR111 range has can last for up to 30,000 hours, compared to an average of 3,000 hours of the halogen spotlights it replaces.

All in all, the lighting concept and savvy choice of products have shaped Abica into a well-lit environment that is warm, welcoming and, most importantly, relaxing. Best of all, the impressive lighting result consumes only a fraction of the energy of its halogen equivalents.



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