Intelligent LED Solutions (ILS) launches Intematix Remote Phosphor at Lux Live

5 November 2012 - Mitchell Finlay

What is Remote Phosphor?

The Intematix Remote Phosphor light source may change the way you approach solid-state lighting design. ChromaLit™ offers beautiful light quality with unprecedented design freedom, colour control, system flexibility and efficiency. ChromaLit™ is ideal for the most efficient and innovative lighting system designs.

Compared to conventional LED designs, where Blue chips are coated with a Phosphor compound, the

ChromaLit™ collection places a Phosphor composite on another material separated from the Blue LED energy source. This architecture provides unparalleled design freedom, more efficient manufacturing processes, superior light quality and up to 30% higher system efficacy.


ChromaLit™ have also produced 3D Ellipse, Candle and Dome light sources which enable brighter, more efficient LED bulbs and lighting fixtures by providing wide angle lighting distribution. They make it the ideal way to design candle style lighting with high efficiency. Some of the Dome products can be used with a reflector to create a highly efficient spot light.


Why Remote Phosphor?

Design freedom:

–          A new distinctive way of solid state lighting

–          Interchangeable colours with high CRI options as well as glass

–          Customisable

–          3D versions

Streamlined Production:

–          Reduced inventory costs

–          Populate with one type of LED

–          Luminaire colour temperature determined at the end of production line

–          Consistent repeatable light colour, improved yield

Quality of light:

–          Glare free

–          Diffuse

–          Consistent and reliable

–          Angular uniformity



System Efficiency:

–          Up to 30% efficacy increase compared to conventional LED system

–          Reduced thermal loss

ILS makes experimenting with Remote Phosphor simple:

–          ILS ChromaLit™ development kits

–          A variety of OSRAM Deep Blue 455nm LEDs on Star boards with wires also available in many configurations

–          Various chamber heatsinks for light testing

–          ChromaLit™2D and 3D products in stock

–          Heatsinks for the above boards

What OSRAM products are available in deep blue 455nm?

–          Oslon 150: 150 degree beam angle with up to 630mW at 350mA

–          Oslon Square: 120 degree beam angle with up to 1400mW at 700mA

–          New MID POWER OSRAM P5 Deep Blue: up to 280mW at 200mA and 170mW at 100mA.

This product will revolutionise Remote Phosphor lamps as it will be possible to reduce the chamber depth and thus saving material costs

ILS services:

–          Component PCB Design

–          Customised system controllers / Power supplies

–          Thermal testing

–          Retrofit Solutions

–          UK & Asia manufacturing

–          Official supplier for OSRAM Opto Semiconductors and Intematix

–          Sphere test facility

–          Laser cutting service

–          A wide range of standard Light Engine products

Come and see Intematix, OSRAM Opto Semiconductors and ILS at Lux Live this week.  The ILS stand number is F14.
There is a range of Remote Phosphor products on show and you will be able to pick up the NEW ILS standard products brochure!

Alternatively contact ILS by phoning 01635 294606, emailing or via our website

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